The 2020 reading list for legal innovators 📕

Are you a legal professional with an appetite for more? Time to start planning what to read over the next couple of months!

Around this time last year I published a list of books I believed to be good reads for legal professionals aspiring to break out of the box.

Having launched a legal tech and design agency myself over the past year, I’ve gained quite some additional industry knowledge and, of course, kept updating myself with new reads 📚

COVID-19 has put digital transformation and innovation high on the agenda at courts, law firms and legal departments. However, the great majority of professionals still seem to struggle with finding a successful approach.

With summer ahead of us and corona probably still taunting us for a while, let’s explore some fresh prints 👇

Based on some feedback I received about my previous recommendations, I decided to approach the list from a different angle this time. No more general management, innovation or leadership books!

As opposed to last year, I only listed books that have an actual legal twist to them, so here we go 🗂️

Jack Newton is the founder and CEO of the award-winning Canadian practice management suite Clio.

In his book he offers a clear-eyed and timely look at how providing a client-centered experience and running an efficient, profitable law firm aren’t opposing ideas.

Richard Susskind is a renowned professor and author, who was in last years overview too (with his book Tomorrow’s Lawyers).

His latest book, Online Courts and the Future of Justice, deems particularly relevant in times where court hearing around the globe have suddenly adopted conference calls over Zoom of Teams for.

Should start rolling off the presses and shipping in June.

The LegalTech book brings together top entrepreneurs, lawyers, investors and Legal Tech experts, who exclusively share their visions and unique insights on how and why technology is used in the legal industry.

Update: the book is now available on Amazon !

Although the future may require us to put on New Suits, it represents an enormous opportunity for lawyers to reinvent ourselves for our own and our clients’ benefit.

Filled with chapters written by experts at the intersection of law, innovation and technology, this book provides a global perspective on the diverse legal service delivery ecosystem.

Drawing on his many years of experience in law firms and legal departments, his expertise in legal tech and his involvement in the legal innovation movement, Dennis Kennedy covers the entire waterfront of innovation issues, shares his best tips and techniques, and gives many helpful examples.

Another soon to be released book, planned for Autumn.

Written by Antti Innanen, former managing partner of Dottir Attorneys and the founder of the legal design agency Dot.

This one is high on my wishlist as it’s the first book on legal design to be published!

I’m curious to hear which legal innovation books others recommend.

Let me know what you think in the comments 💬



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